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Thank you for your interest in our nonprofit organization called
S.O.S. Secret Santa of Somerset and Surrounding Areas. Our mission is simple, we want to deliver smiles and holiday cheer to our neighbors in need.  We are set apart from other organizations that give “toys for kids at Christmas” in a few ways. First, we aren’t an organization that works solely with children. We include hospice patients, elderly, disabled, homeless,”shut-ins”, disadvantaged children … and those who simply need a smile. A larger difference is we are NOT necessarily “income based”. What that means is, we are NOT asking for proof that someone is on state or federal “assistance” program. We not looking for people who have an “access card” or qualify for food stamps. We consider ourselves as a “hardship” based organization.  We want to provide smiles to the elderly man down the street, who has money for Christmas, but has no family or friends to share it with. We want to provide a smile to the young lady for works full-time, has money for Christmas, but is hiding in her apartment because she just left an abusive relationship. We want to provide a smile to the depressed widow who has money, has family out of state, but can’t get over the loss of her spouse. We want to deliver a smile to the young man who just came home from Afghanistan, who sits at the bar on Friday night, because he can’t shake the memories of his buddies he left behind. We want to deliver smiles to those who work day and night, but just can’t seem to get a head. We want to deliver a smile to the young family who are just starting out and live paycheck to paycheck. We want to reach out and deliver a smile to the kids on a school bus who get bullied by their peers. We want to deliver a smile to those who have been raised in a fashion that they don’t even realize there is help available. It’s NOT income that we are concentrating on, it’s the “hardships” that our neighbors face on a regular basis.

We understand that we can’t help everyone…..
However we believe that everyone can help someone!!!

Also, what sets up apart from many organizations that “gives toys to kids at Christmas ” is we DO NOT have any paid members in our organization. We don’t use any donation money coming into our organization to pay a Chairman, CEO, or other position. Every penny or donation that comes through our organization goes directly back into the group to help others.

We are a HOLIDAY season organization, however, just like Santa we work year around. We fund raise and attend events throughout the County and Surrounding areas to help promote our mission. By participating in community events we are gaining the opportunity to share or goals and collect donations.

Throughout the year, we collect used coats, blankets, clothing and TOYS, that are in excellent condition. Although we are a HOLIDAY based organization…. we understand that LOVE & KINDNESS doesn’t have a season. If we get a referral of a family who is struggling due to a fire or personal issue — we try our very best to help out. We try to help those who are facing a hardship by allowing them access to the “used donated items” that we have in one of our “Santa’s storage” areas. *** THIS IS NOT ADVERTISED AND IS ONLY A SECONDARY PART OF S.O.S. SECRET SANTA OF SOMERSET AND SURROUNDING AREAS ****  Our first and main purpose is to deliver smiles and holiday cheer during the holidays.

I would like to encourage you and those you know to please keep
S.O.S. Secret Santa of Somerset and Surrounding Areas in your thoughts throughout the year. Please consider making a donation of monetary means, gift baskets or gift certificates that will help us reach our HUGE goal. This year we hope to deliver smiles and holiday cheer to 2,013 members of our community. As you start “spring cleaning”, remember to donate all the items that are simply collecting dust. The clothes you haven’t wore in the last year, the coat you bought that spring, the shoes your can’t seem to fit, the blankets that are hid underneath your bed… all these items can help. We can use them directly to make others smile or we can use them to help us raise monetary funds to help us reach our mission. No donation is to small. Every item can make a difference. All our goals can be reached if we all work together.

May you find peace and happiness in the days ahead…. and just remember… “Santa’s watching”!!!

Santa's Watching!


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